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APR-45 agglomerator

APR-45 agglomerator
  • APR-45 agglomerator
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Brand:Фрейэр ООО
Country of manufacture:Belarus

The agglomerator of APR-45 is intended for processing of damp waste of the polymeric films which passed the sink which does not have knot of thermal drying. The agglomerator of the APR-45 series favourably differs from the let-out similar equipment in the following parameters:

1. Compact sizes;

2. The agglomerator is equipped with the removable case facilitating cleaning, replacement of knives and service. For fans to dive into a barrel the loading mouth is made removable;

3. Unattended SKF bearings of 3 pieces are installed;

4. The bearing knot is taken out from the working case of an agglomerator and does not need cooling;

5. Pulleys of knot and the engine are established by means of taperbush plugs that facilitates repair and service of the equipment.

Productivity on waste of 5% having humidity

(not less) than 120 kg/h

Rated capacity is 45 kW

Quantity of knives of a rotor of 6 pieces

Volume of the working case of 350 l

Type of the working case Removable

Aerodynamic zavikhritel of 3 pieces

Quantity of XPC belts of 4 pieces

Sizes of DhShhV of 1500х750х1450 mm

Weight is 950 kg

Concerning cooperation:
Pavel Nikolaevich
+375 (33) 670 83 82

Sales department and VES of the company Freyer:
Andrey Vasilyevich
bodies +375 (29) 7262108
fax: 375 (162) 204461

Brand:Фрейэр ООО
Country of manufacture:Belarus
Information is up-to-date: 17.09.2018

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